LED Lighting

Amazing light quality at an improved efficacy level that is 20% more efficient than our previous LED lineup. We offer a vast selection of LED bulb types giving you the options you need.
Escape the ordinary with our newest and best, the TCP Elite Series LEDs. Lighting so powerful it creates beauty, grabs attention, adds charm and turns nearly every environment into something truly magnificent.TCP helps redefine the LED market with our new Elite Series LEDs.

Unprecedented & Performance & Better & Efficiency:

• Uses less watts, provides same great lumen output.
• Up to 20% improved efficiency over previous generation LEDs.
• Up to 85% energy savings over incandescent lamps

Product & Performance:

• Excellent light distribution
• High color rendering index (CRI)
• Smooth uniform dimming

We believe everything is better in the right light.

Elite Downlight Retrofit